Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Did Yoda Expire So Fast?

Funny, I don't have much to pick on Empire about. I just don't. Not even many Jedi complaints. But I do have a beef with one character that spans both trilogies.

The Yodanator.

Loved him in Empire. Jedi. Loved that he's old & feeble, 900 years old, all that stuff, about to kick the bucket (and does). Lucky for Luke he didn't wait 10 more minutes to get to Dagobah in Jedi of he woulda missed the little wrinkly dude's passing.

But then how come in Eps 1-3 (MUCH more on those soon) is he this bad-ass acrobatic ninja mofo bouncing off walls and ceilings. I mean, only approx. 30ish years have passed between Sith & the original trilogy, and this dude is 900 so 30 years ain't all that much to him, right? Was is a harsh 30ish years? Did he start smoking? Is Dagobah loaded with Radon?
It's just one of those lazy plot/screenwriting things that bother me. Maybe it was a lack of planning by (I assume, who else?) Lucas. Oh, well. Rest in peace, Yoda.

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