Monday, May 4, 2009

Darth = Kickball

At the beginning of A New Hope, Vader appears to be a joke of sorts, at least in the eyes of some of the Imperial Commanders. They mock him openly, joking about his powers. A "tired old religion" I believe one says without confirming the quote. He's kinda like a kick ball. I'll bet good money there's a picture of Darthy somewhere, with someone making bunny ears behind his helmet.

Maybe they call him Darth Stupid, and giggle 'till they wet themselves.

But he pretty much kills them on-sight. Can't blame him.

So, why make fun of the dude? Or mock his beliefs? It's not like he can't kill you with a flick of his wrist. Or thumb. If he was in mothballs for years and wasn't around, I might buy this. He's had to have choked/killed people in the past, and not start all of a sudden while getting annoyed on the Death Star.

I think it was an interesting concept to have him/the Force looked down on, but he's pretty viscious in the 1st movie and I can't buy some of them openly razzing on him.

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