Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amidala - Hero, or Selfish Beeyotch?

First of all she did next to nothing in Sith. But at the end of Sith was where she really pissed me off. And, Lucas is to blame. Sorry, bud.

So, Anakin is steaming pissed, and then chokes Amidala. First of all, that's a great idea, and a good way to kill her (and give Anakin/Vader a nice dose of anger/regret).

But then they fuck it up.

Because then the medical robot says basically, she'll survive her wounds, but die of a broken heart.

George Lucas - Are you fucking insane? Or just that cold-hearted?? You can't DIE of a broken heart, at least in a matter of seconds!!!!!!!! Maybe over weeks, you stop taking care of yourself, etc. But you can't die on the spot because you're sad...ESPECIALLY after you just gave birth to two beautiful babies!!!!!!

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